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The Sears Homes of Illinois

My new book is now available at The History Press and Amazon.com.

It’s a beautiful book, chocked full of photos (250 color photos) featuring the Sears Homes of Illinois.

Click here to “look inside the book” at amazon.com

Did I mention that it makes the perfect Christmas gift?  :)

Sears Homes of Illinois (Cover)

Sears Homes of Illinois (Cover)

Sears Homes of Illinois (Rear Cover)

Sears Homes of Illinois (Rear Cover)

  1. Diane Stalmack
    January 2nd, 2011 at 10:25 | #1

    My grandparents built the (I am quite sure) it is the Nipigon log model on Bluff lake in Antioch IL. I believe about 1935.
    he was a doctor on Michigan Ave in Chicago. My dad said he helped shovel out dirt for the walkout basement.
    My dad is deceased. I reluctantly am thinking of selling. Are there interested Sears homes buyers?

    Is there further info I can gather on the number of sales of this model and location or any info on their purchase; Dr Lloyd Blakeman in Antioch apprx 1935.

    Does this increase value..it’s rarity and how do I sell to interested person/group?

    they also built a boat house but I am not sure if that was a catalog item.

    Diane Stalmack

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