My dear friend Rebecca Hunter found a Sears Modern Home #119 in Iowa (in 2003) and she got a nice photo.  Other than that ONE house she found in Iowa, I’ve never laid eyes on a #119, which is pretty remarkable. But we know that there was one built in Martinez, Georgia, by R. T. Lyle sometime before 1915. That was 95 years ago!

Below is an actual snapshot from the 1916 Sears Modern Homes catalog.

If this house is still standing, I’d love to get a photo. Anyone near Martinez?  🙂


Sears Modern Home #119 in Martinez, Georgia.

Way down south

"It is a roomy and substantial structure..."

It *is* a roomy structure!

It *is* a roomy structure! Image is from the 1916 catalog.


Pre-WW1, bedrooms were called "chambers" - not sure why.


#119 as seen from the Rebecca's motorcycle. Note the porch's unusual roofline, and the gable peak atop the house. Photo is courtesy of Rebecca Hunter.


And all for under $1,800.

And it can also be found in these cities!

And it can also be found in these cities!

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