How fitting that Sears would name one of their finest Dutch Colonials “The Amsterdam.”

After all, Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands!

In Dutch, the word Amsterdam translates into “Groot-Mokum” – hence, the title of this blog.

I did a blog on The Dandy Amsterdam more than two years ago, but since then, I’ve come across another Amsterdam in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

I’m guessing that – due to cost and size – the Groot-Mokum was a pretty rare model for Sears. I’ve only seen one “in the flesh” and that was the model in Scranton. For reasons I’ve long since forgotten, I did not photograph the house in Scranton when I was there about 10 years ago, and just recently re-discovered these photos, sent by a Sears House Aficionado.

Unfortunately, the SHA did not include their name on the photos, so I don’t know who found this Amsterdam and/or who shot the photos. If it was you, please leave a comment below!  😀

BTW, if you have an Amsterdam in your neighborhood, take a photo and send it to me!



At $3,578, the Groot-Mokum was a pricey affair (1928).


Lots of room

The Groot Modum was a spacious house. Even had a Music Room!


Four spacious bedroms

Love the four bedrooms, but not sure about the bathroom on the home's front.


Beautiful house

The Amsterdam (1928)


Whomever took this photo did a perfect job of getting it from the same angle as the catalog page.

Whomever took this photo did a stellar job of replicating the angle in the catalog page.


The inscription on the back of the card is also very interesting!

The inscription on the back of the card is also very interesting! But who wrote it?



Side-by-side they're a nice match (minus the gabled porch add on).


This Groot-Mokum is in

This Groot-Mokum is also in Pennsylvania, specifically Pittsburgh. (Photo is copyright 2011 Melody Snyder and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.)


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If you know who photographed the Scranton house, please leave a comment below!

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