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Ridin’ Around in My Automobile…

It’s utterly shocking how much I’m enjoying having no encumbrances. My house sold and closed two weeks ago, so there are no taxes to pay and no mortgages to worry about and no trees that need trimming and no gutters that must be cleaned.

I’m currently living with a friend in the Midwest, and it’s mighty nice. I buy a few groceries and turn them into tasty meals, in exchange from a quiet, warm place to stay. It’s a sweet deal and seems to be working out very well.

My friend was living alone, after having been married for many years, so this is a win/win for both of us.

In a few days, I’ll visit family and friends in Ohio and I’m looking forward to that, too.

For someone who spent an entire career writing about “home,” it’s surprising how much I enjoy living this nomadic life.

To read about what a startling transformation this is, click here.

The Midwest is full of beautiful landscapes, such as this.

The Midwest is full of beautiful landscapes, such as this.


  1. Dale Wolicki
    March 15th, 2019 at 16:58 | #1

    The joys of not having to do home repairs!!!!!

    As I kneel before my handbuilt shrine to Bob Vila, I light a votive candle and pray that your little car hits a big stinky skunk…grumble…

  2. Gemma
    March 16th, 2019 at 09:33 | #2

    No problem, dear Rosie. Stop by when you can.

    Glad you’re enjoying yourself. I’m thinking of all the homeless who live in their cars.

    You’ve encountered the Divine, and embraced the lifestyle of your own volition.

    The Belgian woman who received the revelations of the Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Flame of Love sold her house to her children, and basically became homeless.

    Most times, she slept in the church pews.

    Yours is actually a very Franciscan way of life.

    When Francis started his radical living of the Gospel, he lived under the trees.

    Some of his early followers demanded what amounted to an Adirondack shelter. They slept sitting up.

    The ancient hermits lived much the same way, too.

  3. March 17th, 2019 at 07:37 | #3

    Gemma, thank you for this. I’ve read this comment many times and it brings a blessing each time. You’re absolutely right: I have encountered the Divine and I will never be the same. And St. Francis of Assisi is one of my favorite people! :)

  4. Jenny
    March 18th, 2019 at 13:41 | #4

    And now I have Chuck Berry stuck in my head!

    The views will be even prettier when the fields turn green! Being from Ohio, the view looks very home-like to me.

    You sound very relaxed and happy. Safe travels!

  5. April 12th, 2019 at 09:31 | #5

    Hi. Much as I love Sears homes I’ve decided not to use them in my novel.

    Because several companies made kits, I’m choosing a generic name. As a non-detail oriented person, I’ve been worried right along that I’ll get something wrong.

    Your nomadic life sounds very tempting — except for my two cats.

    At age 84, repairs get old and the taxes are draining, even though I do love my home. Best wishes to you. Morgan

  6. David
    April 18th, 2019 at 09:32 | #6


    Heard you on KMOX yesterday. This is David.

    We met 16 years ago.

    I still live in south Saint Louis City, albeit a small house, not that apartment. Drop me a note.

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