Moving to the Midwest was a big deal. Just this week, I spent some time in the local DMV and obtained a new license, new plates for the car, and a new title. A few days ago, I applied for Social Security benefits. I’ve been working since I was 11 years old, and this is the first time in  my life that I have received a check of any kind (absent a tax refund) from the government.

A friend had been keeping Teddy for me until I was settled in the Midwest, and now that I’m reasonably “settled” – she has rejoined me.

It really is a whole new life. And as hard as this transition has been, it was absolutely the right thing to do. It’s truly a fresh start.



If you’ve been a faithful reader of this blog, you’ll notice that it went offline for a few days. It is back, and for now, I hope to keep it going for a time.

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