To see a short 5-minute video that gives a brief summary of the Addie story, click here.

To read a short piece on the exhumation (with lots of photos), click here.

My favorite blog is the one where I interviewed a funeral director, who told me all about Victorian burial customs. You can read that here.

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How do we know Addie did not die of diphtheria? Read about that here.

And what about Addie’s falsified death certificate? You can read about that here.

What did Mary Wilson say about Addie’s murder?

How am I related to Addie? Click here.

Addie was quite the writer. To read a sample of her own writing, click here.

Love reading about the clothing styles of the time? See the photos of Addie’s fancy dresses by clicking here.


Addie was my great-grandmother's baby sister. This picture was taken in February 1896.


  1. chuck posniak

    I have a 5 bedroom 3.5 bath Sears house in Evanston Il.

    Built in 1931. I think it’s a Lexington.

    It will be going on the market in April. What great house Sears had.

  2. Tanya Anchors

    I own a Sears home in La Grande Oregon. Built in 1920. I am not sure what the model is. But it has a HUGE kitchen. It still had the original wallpaper under years of paint on the walls before I remodeled it. I really love the structure of the home and how well it is built.
    This town almost was built overnight from Sears homes.

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