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  1. Sonia

    When reading about Teddy’s trip to the vet today, I couldn’t help but think of my little girl who has long since gone to The Bridge.

    She stayed right by my side when my husband passed away.

    Never more than arms’ length away, she was my emotional support and she knew that I was hurting. She was hurting too. When I didn’t sleep, she didn’t sleep. When I didn’t eat, she didn’t.

    She kissed my tears away. She got me through it all and Teddy will get you through it too.

    You will never “get over” this but time and puppy therapy will help. Sending hugs to you and Teddy.

  2. Joseph F De Stefano

    My Grandfather’s house, in which my mother was born in 1923 , is a Sears home.

    It’s located at 2503 Arthur Street, in McKeesport, PA 15132.

  3. Sarah Kennedy

    Good afternoon Rose, My husband and I recently bought the Alhambra located in Hampton, VA (76 Cherokee Road).

    I would love to find out more about the history of our house. Do you have any information?

  4. Jason Stiles

    Hi Rose! I absolutely LOVE this site. I have a been a huge fan of architecture and Sears homes for many years, so I have spent a great deal of time enjoying your wonderful site.

    I live just outside of Pittsburgh and I believe there is a Sears Alhambra for sale in Adamsburg, PA right now.

    It looks to me to be one, and I have been debating going to visit it just to find out! It’s a beautiful brick home and there are so many features that resemble Alhambra!

  5. CJ

    I think we have a Sears home.

    My wife’s grandfather purchased the lot and house in the 1930s and assembled it himself.

    I’m in the eastern shore area (Maryland) and I wanted to get some additional information on it but don’t know where to begin.

  6. Tom P.

    We are about to acquire a 1931 Vallonia that has been a bit modified. It is a 13049A with a finished attic to look like the “B”. We have blueprints in PDF form.

    I have confirmed that it is a Vallonia and Sears with specific markings on lumber and by the original mortgage.

    We would like to restore the front appearance of the house, but make the interior livable in the 21st century. We would also like to extend the upstairs in the back of the house.

    Can you refer us to a designer or architect who is experienced in the Vallonia?

    If not, are there resources for many different pictures? We are in eastern Massachusetts.

    Thank you!

  7. Marion Sirman

    We are pretty sure we once owned a Sears home in Florham Park, NJ. We read Karen DeJeet’s article in the Austin Texas Statesman today. After looking online and at old pictures from 70’s we think it may be The Milford Cape Cod. Sparked our interest!

  8. Marion Sirman

    We once lived in a home we think is a Sears home.

    After seeing Karen DeJeet’s article and looking online, it may be The Milford or similar. It is located At 115 Rockwood Rd, Florham Park, NJ.

  9. Dave Hackett

    We used to live in a 1908 vintage 105 modified. Lived there from 1975 thru 2002.

    It is located at 306 S Pine St, WASHINGTON, Illinois.

  10. Kristina E

    Hi Rose. My husband and I are in the process of buying a home and we were told it is a Sears home built in 1923.

    It wasn’t taken care of by the previous owners and my husband and I would like to restore it as much as possible to it’s former glory. 1st) how can we determine if it truly is a dress home? 2nd) assuming it is, where can we start looking for original designs and whatnot.

    I believe it is a Vallonia. The downstairs layout looks exact. However, the upstairs looks different.

    Because of this, I am unsure. We would really like to know for sure so anything you can offer would be wonderful. In the meantime, I will check out your books. Thanks in advance 🙂

  11. Bob Barnett

    We have an Avalon at 3600 Anne, just 3 doors behind Crossroad Coffee (3600 Forest Hill).

    Have been in it since 1979. Built for the mistress of a Mr. Porter, a Richmond businessman and politician.

    We love it. Enclosed porch with large windows. Great place. Have extra lot for 4000 sq.ft. garden. Next to Reedy Creek which flows into Forest Hill Park. Great location.

  12. Karin Carney

    We are the owners of the Ivanhoe in Lagrange, Illinois.

    The current pictures were taken and posted by William Frymark without our knowledge or consent.

    We are very proud of our house and would love to share it but it we would have appreciated being asked.

    On that note, here is some background on the house.

    We are the second owners of the home-we bought it from the Heppe’s daughter in 2001. We completed the addition on it in 2002. We have the original sales receipt and blueprints. We found the original buffet in the basement and had it restored and put back in the dining room.

    If you would like any more information or photos I would be happy to supply them.

    Karin Carney

  13. Sears Homes

    @Karin Carney
    Hi Karen,

    You certainly have a beautiful house there!

    I’m quite certain that I asked Mr. Frymark to take those photos, so he did that as a kindness to me. Speaking as a former freelance photographer, it’s generally permissible to take photos of a structure, as long as you do not trespass on private land.

    Again, you have a beautiful house and I’m glad you appreciate its unique history.

  14. Pam Wolfe

    Is the Will Moore, Sears Avondale home in Georgetown, TX, open for tours?

  15. Johannus Franken

    Hello Rose,

    Your site is the first resource where I was able to find our Sears Simplex garage! I believe we have the Pakway model for two cars.

    We found Sears stencils on the inside of the siding during termite damage repair and a brass “Simplex” plaque when repainting.

    I can send pics of the garage, stencils and plaque, if you’d like. Thanks for maintaining a great resource.

  16. Emily Firebaugh

    There are two Sears Kit Houses still lived in as homes.

    They are located in Fredericktown, Missouri, 63645.

    My late grand-parents-in-law built one.

    They talked about the town gathering ar the train station to see it unloaded and followed the parts to the building lot.

  17. Daniel Lunsford

    Hi Rose,

    I am a planner with the city of Galveston, Texas, currently working on a staff report for a Galveston city landmark Aladdin “Fairmont” kit home. I was wondering if you would be willing to contact me at dlunsford at Galvestontx dot gov – I have some questions about this particular model and the work Aladdin did in Hopewell, Virginia.

    Thanks, and thanks for all your work researching historic kit houses!

  18. sherlynka (sissy) Jones

    Have you ever found a Sears kit house that was never constructed?

    If so, how much did they want for it?>

    I’m hoping to find one for our family farm, which has been in one family for more than 200 years. Our old farmstead burned down about 27 years ago.

    Thank you
    Sherlynka Jones

  19. John Miller

    My great grandparents built a Sears home in about 1910, in the town of Dolgeville, NY…#12 Rundell St. to be exact.

    I have a photo of the house. Can you tell me or direct me where to go to find out which model it is?

  20. Mike Moore

    Hi Rose!

    I have purchased what I have been told is a Sears home in LaGrange Georgia. It is a craftsman that follows a lot of the styling cues in the vintage ads you have posted, but it doesn’t quite match up with floor plans. Also, I happened to notice another house on the other side of town that looked nearly identical. If I were to send you a picture of the house, any chance you could help identify the model #? Thanks for any help you can provide!

  21. Shellie Allen

    If I could have any house in the whole world I think I’d choose a Magnolia.

    They are just a dream come true. Thank you for creating this site.

  22. Sue

    The new owner has made some changes (new windows, side porch) which is minimal considering that every other house in the neighborhood has been replaced by Mcmansions. They are on a waterside pensinsula leading to a town beach.

  23. Dave Horn

    Can reporters reprint a page from an OLDE Sears catalog showing the Homewood?

    It’s available online, but I’ve heard Sears has actually copyrighted all their catalogs? Seems unlikely.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Rose’s Reply:

    Dave, I’ve always contacted Sears to ask for specific permission to reprint images.

    That’s my non-legal answer.


  24. Alissa

    Hi Rose,

    I’m hoping this is a working email address for you. I’m a producer on a television series. I’m looking for photos of plaster with horsehair and I came across your website. Do you own the photos of horsehair plaster?

    If so, could you tell me the best way to reach you?


  25. Sears Homes

    Hi Alissa,

    I’ve sent you an email!


  26. Trena

    There’s a Magnolia in Hawkinsville, Georgia. It serves now as Clark Funeral Home.

    Their website has a clear front view. This was recently mentioned in a Facebook post, and your blog was linked. However, it seems no one has shared back to you.

    There are a few other Sears kit homes in Hawkinsville as well.

    Hope you are able to see it.

  27. Sears Homes

    Hi Trena,

    That is one beautiful house! However, it’s not a Sears kit home. I did write a blog about it, though!

  28. Bobby Nevola

    My home in Nyack, NY is a Sears home, “The Prescott” and I am in the process of stripping and repainting the porch.

    A few of the original porch floor boards need to be replaced and I was hoping there was some where to get the replacements. Even board specs would help.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  29. Holly Hilpert

    In regards to the beautiful stucco house, which was a Gordon Van Tine, I loved how the house in the original color ad looked like it was painted a violet or orchid color with a reddish brown trim. Very unusual.

  30. Linda

    Do you have any interior photos and info on 1910 model 106 Sears and Roebuck model home?

  31. Steve Spicer


    Thanks for the quick return on the book. Excellent. I’m wondering if you, in your travels and/or communications, have compiled listings of Sears homes by city.

    I have a modified Maytown built about 1924-25 in Gary, Indiana and, of course, I’m interested in other Sears homes in Gary.

    I live next to another, a Westly, that was built about the same time.

    Thanks, Steve

  32. Donna Poague


    I have several questions/comments:

    1. My grandmother owned a Sears Willard. The original kitchen was destroyed (like the pink bathrooms) and I would give anything to be able to see pictures of the Willard’s original kitchen. Any ideas?

    2. Have you ever thought about working with a “gingerbread company” and promoting Sears kit home Gingerbread Houses? You could produce 5 different ones every year with a limited number produced.

    Oh my goodness, what fun that would be!!!

    3. Any chance you will ever come to Alabama?

  33. Sears Homes

    I would absolutely love to come to Alabama. That sounds delightful. Find me a venue to give a talk on Sears Homes!

  34. Danny Farr

    Is there any record of a Magnolia in Greenville, SC? There used to be a house that looked a lot like that at 1930 Augusta Street.

    It was demolished in the late 1980s to make room for a shopping center.

    That area was a very upscale residential section in the 1920s. Most of the homes have been replaced by retail today.

  35. Richard Nadolny

    When I was six years old, 70 years ago, my parents took me to see a Sears Steel House somewhere back east. I remember it to this day. I got out of the web site building business because customers wanted us to break copyright laws. Do you know what web site took you images?

  36. pj anderson

    I grew up in a wonderful house in Muscatine, Iowa, that was built in 1912. After our folks passed away, we sold it because no one was living in Iowa.

    The person we sold it to just sent us a picture of the same house elsewhere which has led to me purchasing several books about houses that Sears built. Only one has come in so far and I have only seen a couple that are somewhat close.

    Is there a way to attach a picture for you to look at.

    I see a comment that only about 25% of the pictures sent to you are Sears. But this one must have been a kit based on two nearly identical houses. Thank you, P. J.

  37. Patsy

    I live in a Hazelton in McCook, Nebraska. I am trying to get it painted.

    I think the original color was “ox blood” red. The closest I can find is a color at Walmart called Sweet Tea.

    As soon as I recover from a back surgery my husband and I are going to try to tackle the task. It has not been painted since the 70’s and the same color.

    I believe it should have been stained but unfortunately they painted it, therefore I have to paint it also. The paint has alligator ‘d in some places so I have to use a heat gun to remove the paint.

    If you are interested I will show you the pictures I just can’t attach to this comment page. We bought it at auction and it needs a lot of tender loving care. Thanks to anyone listening. PJ

  38. jack ikhtiari sr


    I found your website while researching my home. recently someone told me my house is most likely a Sears House built some time in the early 1900s.

    I was wondering if you help me with identifying whether or not that is true. I have pictures but not sure how to send to you.


  39. David Wilson

    My Mom’s house will be for sale in the next few days.

    She has lived there for 50 years and it’s breaking her heat that she has to move.

    It is an early Sears Craftsman of the Westly style, I believe.

    She has been searching for the documents relating to when it was built. I remember 1917, but she insists it said 1911. She is probably right.

    One side was added onto with covered parking with a game room which was built over that.

    Is there a way to send you a picture?

  40. Smith

    We owned a Sears home, ca. 1925, in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan at 218 E. Wisconsin Street.

  41. Susan Sanders

    In researching my home I came upon a reference to “Sears in Hoffman Estates” on your site, but referring to Illinois.

    I live in a lake community platted in 1926 as Hoffmann’s Estates in Wisconsin.

    Apparently it consisted of about 100 roughly 20×20′ frame cottages on small lots, no foundations (just poured concrete at the corners), no electricity and no water.

    Most of the remaining original houses, & there are many, look like the “Rosita” & some like the “Fairy”. Some later ones might be the “Kismet”.

    Know anything about this? Photos available.

  42. Dale Wolicki

    Someone recently asked about a Sears House in Texas they could not identify.

    It could be a Houston Ready Cut House Company residence. They operated 1918 to 1950, manufacturing bungalows and cottages.

    The Oil Boom, Agricultural Boom and World War Two kept the company busy, so most of their orders were in the Texas area, thus the company is not as famous as Sears.

    Houston Ready Cut House Company catalogs are rare but there might be some online.

  43. Kirsten Yoey

    Is there a published list of Sears Modern Homes that have already been identified in St. Louis City, Missouri?

    Our daughter just bought a home near Nottingham and Hampton and is being told that it is a Sears home.

    In looking at catalog drawings, it appears it could be The Crafton.

  44. D Scott

    Hi Rose –

    I do believe I have found the Houghton NY Hillrose.

    Email me if you are interested in pictures and details.

    Hope to hear from you!

  45. Lisa

    Hi – I just bought a house in St. Paul, MN. I think it’s a Sears home. Inspector said it’s built like a tank. Can I submit photo and see if anyone can identify the plan? Fun site by the way!!

  46. Jane D

    Hi! My house is the Argyle, built in 1922, in mirror image from the original plans in Deerfield, Il. I am the 3rd owner. Mine is still pretty true to it’s original footprint and I LOVE it! Small and efficient, now that my kids have grown it is the perfect size for my husband and me. Any changes done to the interior have mostly been cosmetic. It is a great little house!

  47. Cathy

    Hi Rose, I’m almost certain that my house is the Wardway Astoria model, and the garage is also likely a Wardway kit. A neighbor told me he remembered the house kit being delivered by railroad on the tracks next to my yard-a big deal in my small town at the time. I found the original owner’s name stamped on a board in the garage, haven’t found anything in the house yet. Build in 1933, it has the original bathroom fixtures (soon to be replaced), radiators, light fixtures, doors and trim – a few updates over the years but largely original. Do you know if blueprints are available anywhere? Just curious. Thanks!

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