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Beautify Your Premises with a Sears Kit Pergola!

June 26th, 2011 Sears Homes No comments

For a mere $83.70, you can beautify your premises with this graceful, imposing pergola. The text (see below) promises that everything is pre-cut and “ready to put together!”

This image came from the 1921 Sears Building Materials catalog, and I just fell in love with it. I’ve seen a few pergolas like this - randomly placed in a back yard - and they’re all stunning.

And it’s an easy-to-build kit!

Awesome. Just awesome.

My own pergola (built by my nice-guy husband) is shown below.

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Pergola as shown in the 1921 Building Materials catalog.


It is indeed a thing of beauty! (1921 Sears Building Materials catalog)


And it only weighs 1,200 pounds!

And I saved the best for last: The Perfect Pergola

The pergola built by Wayne Ringer is a thing of beauty!

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Pergolas Made With Love

April 6th, 2011 Sears Homes No comments

Sunday afternoon, two gents stopped by our house and asked if they could see the pergola in our back yard. They seemed sincere and trustworthy, so we stepped outside and escorted them through our gate and into the back yard.

Turns out, “Jack” had been admiring our pergola every time he drove past our home on Gosnold, and wanted to re-create something similar in his own backyard.

As the two men stood in front of our pergola, gushing praise and saying all the right things, I looked at my husband’s face. He was grinning from ear to ear.

In November 2008, he started building working on this pergola, working from nothing but a picture. He designed it, did the necessary math for that little hip roof, installed the slate roofing shingles (modern), and even applied the primer and finish coats of paint. It took him a year of weekends to finish the project, and about 3,381 trips to various lumberyards.

I’d first seen this pergola in an old 1924 house plans book, and being a die-hard purist, I wanted all improvements to the yard to be of a proper time period. And, I thought that the pergola shown in that old book was one of the prettiest things I’d ever seen.

And it’s even prettier “in the flesh.”

The image from my 1924 house plans book

The image from my 1924 house plans book

MY pergola, with Teddy the Dog enjoying the dog days of summer

MY pergola, with Teddy the Dog enjoying the views

Teddy says hello to the pedestrians walking by

Teddy says hello to the pedestrians walking by. One note, we have a special rule that no dogs are allowed on the nice swing with its nice cushions.

Pretty, pretty pergola - sans dog.

Pretty, pretty pergola - sans dog.

Perky pergola

Late afternoon at the Pergola.

Wayne takes a puppy hugging break during the pergolas construction.

Wayne takes a "puppy hugging" break during the pergola's construction.

Mr. Pergola Builder

Mr. Pergola Builder

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