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That’s What Happens When I Don’t Pay Attention…

December 3rd, 2018 Sears Homes 5 comments

As mentioned in a prior blog, I spent more than three months dealing with a little health issue, and during that time, I stopped paying attention to the inventory of my books at Amazon.

Last night, I realized that I hadn’t sold any books through Amazon for a time, so I went online, and here’s what I saw:



My book - brand new and signed by moi - is offered at Amazon (by me) for under $40. When that inventory was depleted, this was the "lowest price" offered on the book. This seems mighty steep, and it's not SIGNED by me!



And this one is selling *USED* for $149.


Due to the bankruptcy of Sears, I’ve had a lot of media attention, and hopefully now, I’ll sell the rest of these books. Due to my own “encounter with the divine,” I’ve decided to make some dramatic changes in my life. As these books sell off, that’s the end of an era. My days of hauling around 40+ pound boxes of books are over.

And did I mention that they make a wonderful Christmas gift?  :D

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