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About Those Photos You Love So Much…

June 3rd, 2013 Sears Homes 3 comments

Sears Homes are my vocation, my passion and my joy.

And if you see a photo here that makes your heart go pitter-pat, I’m flattered and honored and pleased.


Please do not lift the photos from my website without first asking permission. That’s just good manners, proper etiquette, common decency and a lovely way to honor the eighth commandment.

And if you suffer from some significant mental disability that does not enable you to take the necessary 74 seconds to leave a comment and ask for permission, then at least - at the VERY least - give attribution for my photograph.

Something like, “Photo is copyright 2013 Rosemary Thornton, from her website, and may not be reproduced without written permission.”

I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in obtaining many of these photos. I have traveled the height and breadth of this great country, documenting and photographing these kit homes. I have spent 13 years seeking and finding (and photographing) these old kit homes.

So please, do not take these photos and claim them as your own (which is what you’re doing if my name doesn’t appear near them). Please post my name and a copyright notice wherever these photos are used.

AFTER you ask permission to use them.

From a beleaguered historian, thank you.

*   *   *

You have to admit

You have to admit, a copyright notice on each photo would take away the fun.


To see one teensy example of how many of my photographs have been removed - with no attribution - click on this link and make a note of the images there - and then google  “identifying Sears Homes” and see how many times my photos have left home, sans consent.

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Elkins Vintage Trains: Picture Perfect!

September 25th, 2012 Sears Homes 2 comments

To their credit, Elkins has done a first rate job of restoring their early 20th Century train depot in the downtown area.

And I surely do hope that some day soon I can return to Elkins and be one of the lucky souls that enjoys one of the excursion rides offered on vintage passenger cars.


This train does excursion rides down to Cheat River Junction and Durbin.

This train does excursion rides down to Cheat River Junction and Durbin (West Virginia).


Heres a picture of the Western Maryland Depot.

Here's a picture of the restored Western Maryland depot in Elkins, WV. The view is so perfect it looks like something from a model train set - but it's the real deal in Elkins, WV.